Gateways to Abomination - Buy it here!

Bizarre radio broadcasts luring dissolute souls into the dark woods of Western Massachusetts. Sinister old men in topcoats gathered at corners and in playgrounds. A long-dead sorcerer returning to obscene life in the form of an old buck goat. Welcome to Leeds, Massachusetts, where the drowned walk, where winged leeches blast angry static, where black magic casts a shadow over a cringing populace. You've tuned in to WXXT. The fracture in the stanchion. The drop of blood in your morning milk. The viper in the veins of the Pioneer Valley.

"I can't read any more of your stories.  They are too unpleasant.  I can't take it.  I mean I still feel creeped out.  Eichk." - Katie Saulnier

"...fresh, new, and unsettling. Highly recommended." - Thomas J. Breen

"Every bit of this is scary. It’s the kind that gets under your skin and leaves you thinking about it when you should be going to sleep. It’s the kind that gives you nightmares." - Adrean Messmer,

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