Monday, June 15, 2015

News and notes from Leeds

I recently referred to my blog as "oft-neglected." It's terrible and it's true. But here I am. It's been a while since I've updated, so let me fill you in on what I'm working on.

First and foremost (though I'm not going chronologically - you see, this is WHY I neglect my blog) is "Creeping Waves," the follow-up to "Gateways to Abomination." This book will consist of short pieces I left out of Gateways (they were written within the same time period), stories that have appeared in anthologies over the past 7 months, and a substantial amount of brand new work.

During the next several weeks, I will be wrapping up two or three of those new pieces, including a story tentatively titled "The Egg," a five or six-part story entitled "Vernon Golden," which is a framing piece that will give the book something like a narrative structure, and a few others. Perhaps an additional "Uncle Red Reads To-Day's News" installment, too. Muzzleland Press will be publishing this follow-up, and it will be a considerably longer book. It will also likely include a significant visual component. If you liked "Gateways," I think you'll like it. If you didn't like "Gateways," (I know you're out there) you might like this, as there are longer, more traditional stories within. Either way, the publisher and I are having a good time hashing out the details. I think the result will be a hell of a book.

Life is busy right now, so these stories are coming a paragraph at a time. I don't yet have an ETA for this. One thing I keep thinking about:  blurbs. I've never sought blurbs before, nor had a publisher do so on my behalf. I suppose it's time to start thinking about it.

Second: I've put out an illustrated chapbook entitled "The Witch-Cult in Western Massachusetts." Alex Fienemann did the lovely illustrations. It's a curious little volume of fictional biographies.

Third: Soon Dim Shores, Sam Cowan's new publishing venture, will be putting out a chapbook of my story "Rangel." Rangel Bantam is a young woman mentioned in "Gateways" and elaborated upon, just slightly, in "Anne Gare's Rare Book and Ephemera Catalogue." The latter, by the way, I may have unnumbered and unsigned copies of to sell at Necronomicon this August. Stay tuned to find out who will be illustrating and doing the cover for "Rangel." Dim Shores has started out strong with Jeffrey Thomas's exquisite "Ghosts in Amber." I'm looking forward to seeing what they do in the future.

Fourth: Next year, around June, will bring a limited edition hardcover from Jordan Krall's highly regarded Dunham's Manor Press. As soon as I wrap up work on "Creeping Waves," I'll work on this. It's about half written now, and is darker, more bleak. I'm extremely excited about it.

Well, in fact, I'm extremely excited about all three publishers I'll be working with over the next several months. I'm nearing a full year since the release of "Gateways to Abomination." That little self-published book changed my life.

The one thing I haven't done lately is submitted anything to any anthologies. All the stories I had out were either picked up or declined. I hope to start again soon with new stories, when time allows.

What else? I went to Anthocon and was on a self-publishing panel moderated by Hal Bodner, along with Jeff O'Brien and E.J. Stevens. It was my first time at Anthocon and my first time being on a panel. It was well-attended and interesting. Had it gone on another hour, I wouldn't have minded. I also saw excellent readings, sold a few books, bought a bunch of books, and got a print of the artwork for "Wicked Tales" signed by the artist. I met a lot of great people, but didn't spend nearly enough time hanging out with them. Next year I'll stay in the hotel.

For the record, a list of available anthologies that include my work:
"Resonator: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond." ("Machine Will Start When You Are Start")
"High Strange Horror" ("Night Dog")
"Xnoybis #1" ("Carnomancer, or The Meat Manager's Prerogative") - sold out, I think, but Dave Felton will have copies for sale at Necronomicon.
"Wicked Tales" ("Master of Worms")
"Siren's Call - A Scream in the Night" ("Following You Home") - free to read on the site
"Dark Lane Quarterly Anthology Vol. 1" ("Great Uncle Eltweed" from "Gateways to Abomination")
"Faed" ("Pharaoh" from "Gateways to Abomination")

More news soon, more details, more updates. Thank you for reading.