Sunday, July 14, 2019

Limited edition items for sale.

THE OVERNIGHT SESSIONS, an audio CD featuring readings from GATEWAYS TO ABOMINATION. Readers include Sean M. Thompson, Tom Breen, Sean Branney, yours truly, and more. The gorgeous cover art and the production are by the multitalented Yves Tourigny.

SECRET GATEWAYS, a slipcover three-hardcover box set featuring GATEWAYS TO ABOMINATION (with a brand new bonus story and an introduction by John Langan), Jon Padgett’s THE SECRET OF VENTRILOQUISM (revised and expanded, with an introduction by Thomas Ligotti), and a book of four stories that Jon and I collaborated on. Illustrations by Henry O. Morris and Aeron Alfrey. Up for preorder,  coming this summer from Nightscape Press.!/Secret-Gateways-A-Leeds-Dunnstown-and-Beyond-Limited-Hardcover-Box-Set-Pre-Order-by-Jon-Padgett-and-Matthew-M-Bartlett/p/126187566/category=0