Wednesday, December 22, 2021

Have you seen this man?

Hello! I have not passed on to another life, but rather to another site. More up-to-date (though not completely up-to-date) info can be found here: My other, better site 

That site includes a link to my storefront, where you can purchase new chapbook subscriptions and personalized merch! and also to a site for merch like t-shirts and mugs

Writing is now my main occupation, and the best way to see brand new stuff in limited edition chapbooks is by purchasing a subscription to my 2022 series, with covers by the amazing Trevor Henderson, or by purchasing back issues of the 2021 chapbooks.

Thanks for checking out my outdated, decrepit website! One day I will get all this stuff organized. Promise! 

Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Buy a brand new edition of Rangel

At the link below you can get a 2nd quarter subscription to the WXXT Program Guide chapbooks, and/or a brand new limited edition of Rangel with all the original art plus a new two-page illustration and a new cover variant.

Gare Occult - shop