Saturday, February 28, 2015

Anne Gare's Rare Book and Ephemera Catalogue February 2015

Anne Gare's Rare Book and Ephemera Catalogue is a list of ten books in the Rare Book Room of Anne Gare's infamous bookstore in the devil-scarred city of Leeds, Massachusetts.

The book titles are:
  1. The Libellus Vox Larvae
  2. The Stockton Pamphlets
  3. The Barkerton Parade and Others by Ebenezer Chancre
  4. ME by Grancois Trumbull, Sr.
  5. The Dither Family Cookbook
  6. Bastions of Disquiet by Rangel Bantam
  7. Me and Your Shadow by Stephen King
  8. The Holy Bible
  9. Scrapbook
  10. ...
There are 50 copies numbered and signed. The first 3 are spoken for. The price of the book is $3.50 plus $1.50 shipping/handling, so $5.00 total by mail or $3.50 in hand. I have 25 additional copies on hand in the event that there's a bigger demand than I expected. I may have these with me, if any remain, to sell at 2015 conventions.

These pieces deepen and enhance the world of Leeds, Massachusetts and provide a little more information about its doomed residents and the shadow under which they live. It can be considered a companion piece to Gateways to Abomination, but also (I think) stands fairly well on its own as an odd little collection of vignettes.

Caveats: this is a chapbook made at a copy shop. It's not fancy, not coptic bound nor stab-stitched - it's stapled. Also, the short pieces therein will likely appear in a somewhat different form in a future collection in the follow-up to "Gateways."

Paypal $5.00 to and include your address, and I will mail you a copy. Additional caveat:  I cannot easily get to a post office on weekdays. Most likely I will mail the book the Saturday after the money is received.


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  3. Holy fucking Christ, I hate that I missed out on this. And FUCK ALL THESE SPAMMERS! :-)