Sunday, February 15, 2015

In the works

New projects in the works:

Anne Gare's Rare Book Room Catalog, my first DIY project, will be released before the end of February. 50 copies will be printed, numbered and signed. The price will be under $5.00 and it will be available here only. There may be 50 more copies after that, unnumbered, if the first 50 sell out. This will be a small chapbook collated and stapled locally by an independent print shop, to ensure quality. So, maybe not entirely DYI, but damned close. These bits of fiction will likely be included in my next collection, but I think this will be a nice, pretty piece to own. Previews here soon.

The Witch-Cult of Western Massachusetts, an illustrated chapbook, will be available on Amazon by, I hope, the end of April. The illustrations, by Alex Fienemann, are coming fast and furiously via gmail...and this, my friends, is going to be a very pretty book. 

I have a publisher for my next collection. This is big news. The book will be more than double the size of Gateways to Abomination, and will feature full length stories, as well as at least one novella. We're looking at the end of the year for this title.

Faed has been released, which includes my story "Pharaoh" from Gateways. I've begun reading the anthology, and I based upon what I've seen so far I can recommend it without reservation.

RESONATOR: New Lovecraftian Tales From Beyond will be available mid-March. This is going to be a great one. Preorder and enter to win a signed copy of Nick Gucker's excellent cover art.

High Strange Horror from Muzzleland Press will include my new story "Night Dog." Look for further information as Spring approaches (it really is approaching, they tell me).

The New England Horror Writers' third anthology will include another new tale of mine, "Master of Worms," along with new stories by Bracken MacLeod, K.H. Vaughn, Rob Smales and others. This is out in June and will be available at Anthocon.

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